Seeking Capital For Your Business ?




Are You Seeking Capital For Your Business ?



1) Introduction.

We advise companies operating in the

  • Oil, Gas, and Petroleum Market
  • Solar and Wind, Power Energy Market
  • Mining Market

Seeking Minimum debt financing, loan amount of

15 Million  up to 475 Billion GBP/ USD$/ €euro

for the following Purposes;

  • Business Expansion
  • Business Merger and Acquisitions
  • Refinancing against more favourable Terms & Conditions
  • Buying or Selling Machinery
  • Startup Finance
  • Major Construction Projects
  • Property Development
  • Refurbishment
  • Sales Promotion
  • Trade Finance
  • Commodity Finance

2) Are You Looking For Commodity Finance?

Are you a trader of several commodities and is looking for Capital?

Through our associated NYSE listed investment company, we are able to arrange the finance for any Petroleum and Commodity transaction.

A Credit Line and or the Right Loan can be arranged to finance the whole Buy/Sell transaction to enable our clients to perform their commodity transaction.

Once payment has been received  from the transaction, we will arrange to refund the loan and close the debt immediately.

Our mode of operation is quite straight forward; Your commodity transaction will be handled like a project (so our business plan will be your Buy/Sell contracts)  to arrange the short-term loan in our banks.

Our bank will also issue for and on behalf your clients the required instruments (BGs, LC’s etc.) that you need to finalize the transaction and proceed up to the performance

3) Are You Looking For Business Loans ?

Loan amount of 15 Million  up to 475 Billion GBP/ USD$/ €euro can be arranged through one of the 3 Top Rated Bank the investment company is working with against negotiable terms and conditions. In case Client doesn’t have any Guarantee to secure the loan it still can be arranged against insurance premium amount of 3% of the loan Value.

4) Inquiry Handling 

(A) To start with the handling of your inquiry!

We will need an executive summary on the company’s letterhead!


  • The project for which you are seeking financing.
  • Along with your company profile,
  • Purpose of the funds,
  • Specified investment estimate required,
  • Total financing amount,

With contact details!


  • The name of the official in charge
  • Website
  • Email address
  • Tel nr
  • Skype ID
  • Hangout account name etc.

(B) Assessment  of your enquiry!

We accept only those inquiries which based on our preliminary assessment we think can Be handled successfully.

Therefor initially we will review the Client’s submitted docs, free of charge!

After obtaining  an idea about the nature of the financing request?

Find out if the enquiry Can Be Handled Successfully and to facilitate in decision making concerning the acceptance thereof.

(C) If both parties are satisfied and agree to proceed ?

We will underwrite your inquiry with all the required updated documents!

With the objective! to enable your financing request to Be Handled within 20 Banking Days.

5) Compensation and Costs 

The main compensation for our services is  a success fee; which is a reasonable commission amount that would be agreed with the client payable upon final arrangement of your financing inquiry.

Usually our success fee is included in , deducted from the financing amount, otherwise it has to be paid by the client out of its own resources.

You can imagine that handling such type of financing inquiries has to be done in a professional manner and that some costs and charges will be in the picture and are to Be paid by the client!

Like; Underwriting, Due Diligence, Consultancy, Traveling & Residing, expensive/costs might be involved.

Our policy is to limit these costs to be paid by the client as small as possible.

How ever! we will endeavour to negotiate those costs and will try to obtain the best price for this service, It is not realistic expecting to acquire millions for free; without any commitment, without spending a penny, or with an empty pocket.

6) Finally

Contact us today to find out how we can arrange your financing inquiry.

Direct connection with principal will be required!

NCNDA and commission agreement will be agreed with the introducing party.

No Broker Chain!

Maximum One!

There are possible (Exceptions)

In that case!

Two Intermediaries Are Acceptable.

Based on your requirements and the nature of your needs! we will recommend, present, arrange the best, suitable business financing solutions for our customers.


For more information or your application!

Contact us on our Business Financing 4 All department direct email: