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Private Placement Program Outline (PPP – O)



We have special privileged access to one of our Traders for an exclusive

Private Placement Program (PPP) 


Currently there are limited slots available and trade will commence as soon client has passed through the Due Diligence and deliver the required collateral


Brief details:

(1).  Entry requirements:

* Cash deposit minimum 1.500.000  ($ or €),

* Bank Guarantee (BG), Standby Letter of Credit (SBLC) Medium Term Notes

(MTN),  issued by a top   AAA – BB  Rated international bank.

* Leased Bank Instrument is subjected to approval/acceptance & availability


(2). Documents for Due Diligence:

* Compliance Package (we will send to you the document upon received of your interest/request)

* FPA – NCND ( will be included in the Compliance Package)

* Scan Passport Copy in colour

* Screenshot or Scan copy of Bank Instrument Back & Front (please get it from your bank)

* Proof of funds Recent bank statement/ tearsheet showing the available amount * Copy of The Assignment Letter or JVA with the Bank Instrument owner

(3) General Information:

* Returns will be presented to you by the Trader / Private Manager at first meeting. The meeting can be a conference call or face-to-face. Normally this will occur after the due diligence process is fully complied and completed.

* Your money is never transferred to another account. Your Fund/Assets are just blocked at your bank through a standard MT760, Administrative Holder as agreed with the PPP provider. Your Bank must have Swift capability.

* What we promised we deliver as we have been doing it for many years. We do not and will never make promises we can’t fulfil. Historical returns can be discussed directly with the Platform Trader.

*The profit would be paid as my determined in the agreement, usually on weekly Basis, each Friday, as per normal standard procedures and practice, as long as this is a day open for Business, if not, it will be on the next business day, in Switzerland..

*Once the profits starts rolling in, the client is fully in control of his account and the funds can be utilized immediately. The BG will be unblocked after the duration of the program, the client will have the choice to  cash, return the BG to the issuer or renew it for another round of trade.

(4) Program Flow:

1ST STAGE Client Information Sheet (CIS).

A client must first submit the CIS with a scan copy of the bank instrument for investors using Bank Instruments or Proof of Fund for Investors using Cash, to even be considered for the opportunity. The CIS helps the platform screen out those who may have fraudulent assets or clients with criminal background as neither of these will be cases, will result in a successful trade. Furthermore, the Instruments (Cash Backed) or asset back (liquid cash, medium term note (MTN), bank guarantee (BG), precious gems, metal isotopes (SKR)

2ND STAGE Compliance Process:

After CIS is send, a compliance process is undertaken where the platform conducts due diligence to ensure the validity and character of the client in depth. Client with over $100M in assets are usually well known to the private placement program and private placement traders.

3RD STAGE Contract:

After Due Diligence is performed by the trading platform, a contract is issued. Generally this is where arrogant clients stop as many believe they are above the trader and can negotiate terms. Furthermore, some clients will turn to their attorneys for advice which is futile as most lawyers do not understand the industry and have not been exposed to a real platform.

4TH STAGE Official signing of contract:

If contract terms are agreed upon, both the private placement trader and high net worth client sign the agreement, hence “closing the deal.” At this point a client must follow through with the transaction without hesitation or he/she risks never being allowed in the private placement program trade again. The client will be labeled as a “non-performer” and may at this point become blacklisted.

5TH STAGE Banking stage:

Next, the client contacts the bank to initiate the private placement transaction, which includes blocking the funds/assets or conditionally assigning or transferring funds in favor of the trader. Banks hesitate to do this as they lose the asset on their balance sheet and lose the power to leverage the funds 25x to loan out to others, thereby decreasing the bank’s potential income. The client must hold steady as a reminder to the bank that it is his/her money. Using a top banking center with a large amount of assets helps mitigate this obstacle as 100M up to $1B may not hurt a larger bank as much as it would a smaller one and that is why we prefer to work with world top 50 banks. Other top AAA up to BB rated banks will also Be accepted.

6TH STAGE (72 HRS) Line of credit established.

The client’s funds or Bank Instrument will be used to draw a line of credit (LOC) for trade. This may or may not require moving funds into the trader’s bank of choice.


Trader obtains banking instrument for trade.

After acquiring the LOC, the trader will then identify his exit buyers before purchasing the banking instrument (medium term note, bank guarantee, or other) to trade. The high net worth individual will then receive profits on a scheduled basis for usually a period of 40 weeks, although different payment terms may be made. Average  profit client can expet varies between 10- 20% week. The exact amount will be discussed with the trader before contract signing.

We hope that this information will prove to be of use to you.

We thank you for your interest and hope that we may have the pleasure and privilege of welcoming you aboard of one of the platforms we are working with.


Managing Director

Rubert Marlin



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