Company Management

Nilram Trading established in Rotterdam, was founded in June 2010 in The Netherlands.




He is entrepreneurial minded, Innovative, forward thinking &

multicultural personality, Coming from Dutch nationality, an

experienced entrepreneur that holds a Community development

and Business management, wright, read & speak 4 different

languages; English, Dutch, Spanish, Papiamentu (One of the Caribbean

native language from the Island Curaçao) cooperative team

player with a goal driven attitude flavoured by a sense of humor.

He have the required experience with global trade practices to assist

interesting customers in building solid and profitable business..



Mr. R. Marlin.

Managing Director


Mc.Cartny Stewart @ The Office


As an entrepreneur that travel in many branches, like; Entertainment Producer, Music Producer, Music Teacher, Multi Instrumentalist, Sound Engineer, Manager in many Branches of business exploring, sharing, dealing, building and combining with others keeping developing the best services for our clients,we (Mr.R.Marlin & me) are striving in making it both easy to understand for our clients & suppliers,building a great relationships true understanding their needs combining them with our experience,knowledge,network and technology.

For several years now I worked as an Web Developer & Designer (WP) (CMS) (GPLv3) (PHP), Social Media and Marketing Coordinator, Social Media and Marketing Manager and Online Marketeer at a financial management and consulting firm. Despite the fact that I in my current position still very I’m enjoying myself.
During my self-study which online is not hard to find about these days, especially at this time in history of human evolution, The next level! I have gain different experiences with different companies, unfortunately I can not show all of them because of confidentiality obligations.
The experiences I have gained is all useful in different functions of Business Online services and experiences that I can still continue to develop in production world for myself and you, my employer, our client or business partner.



Mr. Mc. Stewart.


Web‎ Developer & Designer‎‎ (WP)(CMS)(GPLv3)(PHP)

SEO Developer

Social Media and Marketing Coordinator

Social Media and Marketing Manager

ECommerce Manager

Marketing Manager

Marketing & Communication


Our company management is also further reinforced by a network of professionals.